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By registering and uploading your resume In Job Quest, you are voluntarily giving Grand Canyon University and the Office of Career Services permission to release your resume and other career related documentation in printed or electronic format to outside parties for the purpose of assisting you in finding employment.

Once you have created your student/alumni profile in Job Quest, it is imperative that you continue to update your profile information and resume regularly.

Failure to keep your profile information current, might result in you missing opportunities or receiving irrelevant information from the Office of Career Services.

Always display current information in both your profile and resume for:

- Classification

- Degree

- Major or Major-Concentration

If you do not regularly update your account profile and resume, our office reserves the right to set your Job Quest account to "inactive" status and/or delete your account from the system



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Most students have been uploaded into the system already. Check your primary email or the student portal for login information.

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